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Rotary Permanent Magnetic Separators Applications Applications of Grated Permanent Magnetic Separator LHTOur grated permanent magnetic separators are popularly used for removing iron particles (rust and many other metallic contaminants) in powder raw materials of new material developing, non-metallic mining, and medicine and food stuff manufacturing industries, etc.  Zhengyuan provided grated iron separators can be matched-use with belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors, and electromagnetic vibrating feeders, etc. Advantages of Grated Permanent Magnetic Separator LHT Compared with electromagnetic separators, our permanent magnetic separators has no need of electrical excitation and control circuit. The bar magnet in our magnetic separator can keep using for 15 years and can be cyclic used. Rare earth magnets are adopted as magnetic source, as a result, the bar magnet feature strong coercive force and remanence. It is a kind of high gradient magnetic separator, which has good iron particle separating effect. Compact structure enables our grated permanent magnetic separator suitable for various bulk materials. Suitable for removing iron particles in superfine powder materials. Our permanent magnetic separators are customizable.