Factory Cheap Hot Jet Mill - SH Shredder – Zhengyuan

SH Shredder Working Principle With powerful two-speed swing type hydraulic pusher, the SH Shredder can avoid the occurrence of blockage and reduce the wear of internal guide rails, SH shredder is suitable for crushing various wastes in various industries. The single-shaft shredder has advantages of low speed and high torque reducer, powerful swing type hydraulic pusher, reliable technical design, small footprint compared with traditional shredder with horizontal pusher, drive shaft is bolted, easy to replace, multiple models, multi-material rotors, etc. They can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries, including general waste recycling, electronic waste recycling and domestic garbage recycling. There are a wide variety of recyclable materials, such as various plastic products including blocks, tubes, films, woven bags, etc., as well as various types of electronic cable waste, ICB barrels, waste paper, waste wood and various organic materials. Technological Process