2019 China New Design Air Jet Mill - LHE Wet Ultrafine Grinding Mill – Zhengyuan

LHE Wet Ultrafine Grinding Mill Working Principle Firstly, the wet material will be pumped into the grinding machine which is prepared with a certain amount of grinding mediums. Then, the driving part will drive the mixing parts to rotate in a high speed. Due to this, the wet materials and grinding mediums will also rotate at a high speed, thus the raw materials will be ground into ultrafine materials under the impact force, shearing force and collision force between grinding mediums.  Finally, the ultrafine materials will be filtered by the vibrating screen, and then will be discharged from the discharging hole and collected by the collection system. Performance Advantages  LHE wet ultrafine grinding machine is the newly-developed grinding equipment of our company. Designed with totally-new machine structure, optimized machinery size, uniquely- designed machinery parts, and simplified production process, this wet ultrafine grinding machine has higher performance. Its advantages include: 1. High efficiency  For producing the same amount of material, this wet ultrafine grinding machine consumes 30% less energy in comparison with conventional grinding equipment.  2. High fineness of finished products  The size of grind-need material ranges from 200mesh to 325mesh, and the finished material fineness is 2μm.  3. The parts inside the grinding machine are made of high hardness, wearing-resistant materials. Hence, the grinding machine features long service life.  4. The starting torque is low, and as a result the grinding machine produces a small impact on power grid.  5. The finished material has a low temperature, low viscosity, and good fluidity.  6. The wet ultrafine grinding machine can be used independently or used in combination with each other.  7. Fully automatic controlled, easy to operate, and the production capacity is stable.  8. Low loss of grinding medium, and as a result, there is no pollution on materials. Technical Parameter Technological Process Applications Our wet ultrafine grinding machine can be used for grinding the following materials:  1. Non-metallic materials: calcium carbonate, kaolinite, soft kaolin, barite, bentonite, brucite, tourmaline, mica, rare earth, etc.  2. Energy source materials: Water coal slurry, petroleum coke slurry, etc.  3. Ceramic materials: zirconium silicate, zircon powder, α-alumina, etc.  4. Metal: superfine gold and silver ore, molybdenum ore, copper ore, manganese ore, aluminum-zinc ore, etc.  5. Chemical materials: aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, manganese dioxide, flame retardants, catalysts, iron oxide red, sulfur, metal oxides, and more.