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Rotary Permanent Magnetic Separator Applications of Rotary Permanent Magnetic Separator LHRRotary permanent magnetic separators are primarily used for removing harmful iron particles (rust, iron scraps, etc.) in industries like medicine manufacturing, fire-resistance material manufacturing and food stuff, etc. This iron separator is also suitable for matching-use with storage hoppers and dust collection system. Characteristics of Rotary Permanent Magnetic Separator LHR Easy-open structure gives a convenient cleaning; Max. magnetic density: 12,000 Gs; The number of axial magnetic can be adjusted in accordance with material characteristics; This magnetic separator is suitable for processing various bulk materials and will not blocked for its compact structure. Also has disaggregating function for sticky and poor-fluidity powders; Stainless steel machine and full-closed operation enable an easy clean; This high gradient magnetic separator has optimized magnetic circuit, which offers high intensity magnetic field for better separating effect. Magnetic iron separator working under high temperature (like 200 ℃) is also available. Parameters